Pearland High School Band 


Pearland High School's Band Booster organization is dedicated to supporting our students, the directors, and the band program in creating, producing, and performing the best possible marching and concert programs. To achieve this goal, the Boosters provide food and drink for special occasions, develop fundraising activities to support trips, work tirelessly to promote student and community spirit, serve as chaperones for all band trips, and support the percussion pit by moving heavy equipment on and off the field during halftime and competition performances. This website serves to provide information to the parent and student community. Whether you need traveling instructions and maps to the next out-of-town football game or just a telephone number or event information, it's all just a click away.


Kirk Scruggs, President

Christine Scruggs,  President

Sharie Maddux, Vice President

Dennis Maddux, Vice President

Tom Ellerbrock, Vice President
Patricia Ellerbrock, Vice President

Monica Ralls, Secretary

Craig Levine, Treasurer
Melissa Watson, Charms Administrator


2018-2019 Class Reps

Senior Rep

Kelly Freyaldenhoven

Junior Rep

Beth Blanchard

Sophmore Rep

Kim Ambro

Freshman Rep

Shelley Lesco
Color Guard Rep Samantha Smith
Percussion Rep Wendy Chicoria


The PHS Band Boosters, Inc. is a non profit organization organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

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